16340 Li-ion 충전 리튬 전지


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16340 Li-ion 충전 리튬 전지

【상품 속성】
Model: 16340
Capacity: 600mAh~3600mAh
voltage: 3.6V or 3.7V
Chemistry: Li-ion
Recharge: up to 1000 cycles
Specifications: Diameter 16mm, high 34mm

Battery:  전지 없음
Charger: 충전기 포함 

After MH370 accident, airline express company and post office have currently banned the LI-ION batteries shipment,
so we have to remove all the batteries. So sorry for the battery issue!

Find the batteries on your local webstore.
Please Search "16340 battery" on following sites.
1. www.ebay.com
2. www.amazon.com

1. Please do not make the battery over discharge, or capacity. If you do not to use for a long-term, recommend you to make sure the battery full of charged. And recharge it every half year.
2. Beware of the battery short circuit, because the battery is no short circuit protection will be fever and the explosion.
3. Do not put the battery into the fire, it will explode.

[Lithium battery common sense]
1. Do not use non lithium battery charger.
2. Do not make battery overcharge and over discharge, otherwise no matter what lithium is the battey will be scrapped (remember not to reduce the service life, was scrapped).
if the light become dark the battey must charge, do not charge too long.
3. Do not put the battery in the nominal voltage of 3V electric appliances (such as the corresponding digital camera).

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