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These stylish and highly functional laser glasses will protect your eyes from excessive laser rays. Laser protective goggles for 200-540nm and 800-2000nm, wearing glasses of the laser comfortable, beautiful, safe and reliable, according to the optical properties, the same lens can also protective multiple color laser, This is a new style of laser protection glasses, It is made of resin, durable and high quality material. Anti-laser, anti-infrared, anti-Helium-Neon.

100% brand new laser protection glasses.Made of resin durable and high quality material.Double lens, and its leg is adjustable, reflex

Visible light transmittance: > 60%

Applicable to YAG laser equipment. The excimer laser He - CD. Semiconductor lasers

Protective wavelength range: 200-540nm and 800-2000nm

Material: Resin

Protection wavelength nm : 190-460 810-2000

Tv % : 20

Types of suitable laser emitter : Fourth harmonic generation Nd:YAG laser emitter

Wavelength nm : 266nm

Photodensity : 5

Types of suitable laser emitter : Excimer laser emitter He-Cd

Wavelength nm : 441nm

Photodensity : 4

Types of suitable laser emitter : YAG laser emitter

Wavelength nm : 1064nm

Photodensity : 5

Types of suitable laser emitter : Diode laser emitter

Wavelength nm : 808nm, 810nm

Photodensity : 5

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